About me

I’m a 22-year-old politics lover and healthcare lobbyist born in Spain, and currently living in London. I studied International Politics at King’s College London, and worked at the Spanish Consulate and Embassy (even though I’m not particularly diplomatic…) before starting a career in public affairs.

I am massively interested in the development and management of political campaigns. When I was younger, I wanted to work in marketing, as I’ve always been quite creative and imaginative and love trying to convince people to do what I want them to do (sorry mum and dad for my difficult childhood!) Starting a career in public affairs was therefore a great opportunity, as it allowed me to work in politics, which is one of my greatest passions, and at the same time develop my creative skills.

I also love writing, and this is the result of precisely that. As a person who tends to note down what she thinks, a blog seemed a natural next step to convey my views on politics and public policy.



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